It is transition time, which luckily from Spring to Summer is not really that big of a switch of season, but because fashion is ever changing there are new trends and style coming up. At L’Amour Des Pieds we try to create shoes that will offer our busy and on the go woman ultra comfort with soles that mold specifically to your feet creating a unique and personalized fit. With this in mind we watched the runways to see what would fit our L’Amour Des Pieds woman, who values comfort, innovation and the feel of a luxe shoe.

Since innovation is at the forefront of our designer’s mind, we create a collection of shoes that will not only keep you in line with trends, but ahead of them as well. At L’Amour Des Pieds we don’t just want you to “wear a trend” or “buy the latest shoe” we want you to create and wear an experience. So when you purchase a L’Amour Des Pieds shoe what you are purchasing is a lifestyle of comfort, thoughtfulness and uniqueness because our designers care about the quality of your step. So buckle up (no shoe pun intended) and check out some of our most wearable trends we spotted and our shoe spotlights we crafted.

#1 - Stripes Everywhere

This is a big trend for the summer and we love it! Stripes in shirts, pants, dresses, cardigans, bathing suits and shoes of course. Stripes are an easy and classic way to add a touch of high fashion to your shoe. Another tip for this trend is to try mixing stripes in different directions which will give you an elongating appearance. So stripe it up this Summer for all occasions! We have paired this trend with our Ovid leather sandal boasting color blocking stripes.


#2 Chunky Sandals

Now we are speaking our language! We have taken this trend into several different shoes of ours and it is such a favorite. While we all must have comfort sometimes, your everyday sandals need just a little extra something to take it up a notch which is where the added platform comes in. Adding this slight height actually ends up giving you more comfort than being flat on your feet. This is just an added bonus to your everyday strappy go-to sandal!  




#3 Festival Inspired

For all of our free-spirited ladies this one is for you! Even if you are not much of a boho type of woman, try this style because it is not only lovely, but it adds elegance. Slip into floral maxis, romantic laces, and blends of prairie inspired styles that will make you never want the season to end. We paired our festival woman with our lace up, Bellina, and our Audric platform sandal.


#4 Gingham Prep

We saw lots of this all over the runway whether it was gingham or other versions of blow out prints like it. We loved how they took this preppy print and expanded it into high fashion dresses, pants and even just your casual everyday dresses. This print can take you to lunch with friends or even to a downtown event. We paired this prep inspired style with our Bryer slingback and Winoc leather sandal! 



 Looking for even more trends for the Summer- check out our sister brand, J.Renee shoes!